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aLion-SundstromThe founder of Sundstrom Safety AB, Ivan Sundstrom, worked as a mining engineer in Falun. At that early stage, he saw the need to protect the eyes and lungs of mineworkers, and that was how Sundstroms Respirator began. The SR designation is derived from the old name.

The company and its products were further developed by his son, Per, who also studied at the Technical Academy (now Faculty of Art). The art studies included human anatomy. An understanding of the shape of the face became the basis of the design and characteristics of the protection must be simple and easy to use.

In 1962, Per Sundstrom introduced the first, modern protective mask made of rubber, of anatomic design. The first silicon mask was launched in 1989.

Production and product development are located in Lagan in Smaland, and the head office is situated in Lindingo, Stockholm.

In 2001, Sunstrom Safety AB celebrated its 75th anniversary and the third generation has now taken over.

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