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Rupes RH359T Random Orbital Palm Sander
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Rupes RH359T Random Orbital Palm Sander

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RUPES SKORPIO 9mm Random Orbital Palm Sander with Dust Extraction

9mm orbit: Tool with high removal capacity. The 9mm orbit was developed to meet requests made by users to optimise work time. Ideal for smoothing stucco surfaces and for preparing surfaces. The wide orbital movement combined with the random orbital movement ensure rapidity and excellent finishing. The best-suited abrasive grain is between P 100 and P 180. Reduced orbit, combined with high rpm and abrasive grain dimension delivers a high quality finish making following the steps (painting) easier and better looking.

PATENTED SWITCH LEVER: the new and unique ergonomic design, when pressed, slides forward the switch lever fulcrum lifting the back, creating a stabile and ergonomic support for the hand/arm system of the worker
SERVICE KEY: in order to easily replace the pad for different applications or for the daily maintenance of your SKORPIO absorbing and not blowing the dust). Keeping your SKORPIO dust free, improving performance and making it last longer
MULTI STAGE NOISE SUPPRESSOR: the new noise suppressor guarantees the maximum comfort even in long lasting applications. RUPES reached a low noise level (only 78dB) without affecting the performance of the SKORPIO
ANTI SPINNING SYSTEM: thanks to the rubber shroud, the free rotation of the pad is impossible avoiding any possible risk of damage (scratches) when touching the working surface. The shroud also ensures more efficient dust extraction
DOUBLE BEARING DUST PROTECTED: increased stability of the SKORPIO during operation and ensures the best protection in the long term even in heavy duty applications

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