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Autoglym Paint Pro Stage 1
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Autoglym Paint Pro Stage 1

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Autoglym Paint Pro Stage 1

The complete paint renovating treatment for the effective removal of imperfections from all types of automotive gloss paint.

- Oxidation
-Bird droppings
-Swirl marks
-Fine scratches
-Water marks

Suitable for use on new and aged automotive gloss paint. To be used in conjunction with Autoglym Paint Pro Renovate. Silica and Silicone free. For best results Paint Pro Refine should be used indoors on dust-free paintwork.

Do not use the product in direct sunlight or if the bodywork is hot. Paint Pro Refine is the finishing stage of the Paint Pro system and is designed to remove light scratching and enhance gloss.

Use Paint pro with the Paint Pro black buff pad (AUPS160C) It is recommended that you begin using Pain Pro on low speed (600-800RPM), followed by high speed passes of 1500-1800RPM.

To further enhance the finish of the vehicle you can use Autoglym High Definition Wax.

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