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Rupes Dust Extractor Bags
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Rupes Dust Extractor Bags

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Rupes Dust Extractor Filter Bags

Available in a pack of 5

Dust extraction bag capacity

Dust extraction bags need to be checked and replaced regularly. There is a common misconception that a dust extraction bag does not need to be changed until the volume of the bag is full. This is not correct; the capacity of a dust bag is roughly 1/3 of its total volume. This is due to the compression effect of settled dust.

If you fill bags beyond this level you will run the risk of rupturing the bag which will cause dust to clog the filter and get into the internal components of the dust extractor. If this occurs, at a minimum you will have a very messy clean up job and will likely need to replace the filter, and at worst damage the electrical components of the dust extractor to the point of rendering it inoperable. You will not be covered under warranty if the cause of damage is the result of a ruptured bag from over filling.

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